About Brisk Synergies

Helping Cities Understand and Address Today’s Traffic Dilemmas

Cities are trying to improve road safety and drastically reduce the number of preventable injuries. Transportation authorities are challenged to find innovative ways to effectively collect, monitor and analyze traffic flow to gain more knowledge about potential infrastructure issues.

At Brisk Synergies, we help transportation engineers and planners to understand their road safety problems and identify solutions through video analytics. Our software platform provides automated video analysis of traffic flow for effective and immediate road safety diagnosis and evaluation of interventions. This enables urban transportation engineers and planners to make better, more knowledgeable decisions on how to improve traffic flow and reduce collisions.

Our highly specialized team of transportation and software engineers have worked closely with many transportation authorities to understand traffic speeds and near-miss collision data that quickly identify vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist road safety problems. Our solution is now used in three continents and by large city transportation teams in Montreal, Toronto and Mexico City – just to name a few.