Conduct continuous speed and count traffic video analysis leveraging your current traffic CCTV camera infrastructure. The BriskNUMERO intelligent software platform uses artificial intelligence and computer vision algorithms to automatically monitor and analyze real-time video data to track and classify all individual road users, and automatically detect speed and vehicle turning count trends to monitor and evaluate traffic flow conditions.


Quickly determine critical high approach speeds and lack of gaps in traffic

Quick and Easy

Automated, near-real time analysis data available within minutes. Easy installation and integration into pre-existing connected cameras. No additional cameras required.

Near 100% Accuracy

Our technologies produce accuracy levels that have been validated to be above current industry standards.

Better Understand Traffic Flow

Turning vehicle speed, gaps and turning counts in context to other road users need special attention for safety evaluation and traffic reporting.


Assess unknown traffic movement and safety performance both before and after intersection design and traffic signaling implementation projects.

Comprehensive Reporting

Effective decision-making tools heatmaps, speed and vehicle turning movement count graphs available on a secure, cloud-based dashboard.

Continuous and Real-time

Continuously collect information in real-time for all classified traffic – vehicle, pedestrian, and cyclist – at the intersection, including left and right turns, and through-movements in every lane.


BriskNUMERO enables traffic engineers to monitor traffic flow continuously and to stay informed of abnormality in traffic pattern.

Traffic-calming measures

Gather traffic flow data insights to better understand vehicle frequency and peak traffic volume trends to improve safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists through use of physical design, signal timing and other measures.


Cycling and Pedestrian Studies

Increase sustainable mobility in cities by performing quick, accurate and reliable studies to improve walking and cycling using video analytics to record and analyze traffic movements.

Speed Zone Studies

Classify, monitor and evaluate road users including cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles to determine an appropriate and safe speed. Turning vehicles at signalized intersection need special attention in the context of the safety evaluation and improvement.


Ready to get started?

Using existing traffic CCTV cameras to automatically classify and perform turning-movement count.

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