Continuous Analysis of Traffic Flow & Road Safety

City traffic control centers typically react to understand and report on traffic congestion, flow and safety incidences. This is a manual process requiring staff members to spend significant time monitoring live video. Transportation authorities are challenged to find proactive ways to continuously collect, monitor and analyze traffic flow to gain more knowledge that can result in better countermeasure decisions.

The BriskVANTAGE platform provides automated video analysis of traffic flow for effective and immediate road safety diagnosis and evaluation of interventions. This enables urban transportation engineers and planners to make better, more knowledgeable decisions on how to improve traffic flow and reduce collisions. The dashboard reports on actionable, predictive data in near real-time from video-monitored intersections on your roadways. Video from any of the control center’s connected cameras are analyzed according to the pre-defined scenarios such as near-miss collision rates and vehicle car speed. The platform monitors traffic patterns over time so city engineers can gain deep understanding of road traffic and safety conditions over time.

Video Analysis from Any Connected Camera

The platform can use any of the video resources attached to the traffic control center camera network for analysis. After the analysis is completed, the captured video can be discarded or archived based on the retention policies of the traffic control center.

Traditional Data Meets Powerful Analytics

Results from a BriskVANTAGE analysis can be combined with other sensor data to propose realistic and accurate solutions for traffic data collection and road safety. This gives urban planners ultra-realistic characterizations of roads, highways and intersections.

Near-Collision Detection


By detecting near misses and speeding behaviour, traffic interactions between road users can be better understood in order to get road safety indicators. This is especially useful to evaluate the safety impacts of new projects.

Red Light Violations

Red Light Violations Capture

The platform can monitor red light violations at a given intersection and provide continuous monitoring & time interval counts (i.e. 15 minute intervals) along with trend analysis over days, weeks or months.

Mid-block Crossing & Monitoring

New York City Jaywalking

The platform can monitor pedestrian mid-block crossing behaviours around intersections or along any stretch of roadway included in the video coverage area. Pedestrian crossing patterns are shown with heatmaps illustrating the path that the pedestrians follow and the relative frequency.

Track Right-of-Way Violations Over Time


Evaluate specific intersections scenarios on a continuous basis to capture right of way violations when they happen and produce summary data and trend analysis each day.


Download a copy of our PDF datasheet for the BriskVANTAGE Platform by clicking this link.