Here are the steps to restore its mysql database.

cd ~/downloads/extract/


cd extract/

tar tvjf ../backwpup_******_2017-06-23_01-16-16.tar.bz2 | grep sql

tar xvjf ../backwpup_******_2017-06-23_01-16-16.tar.bz2 wordpress_mysql_backup.sql.gz


gunzip  wordpress_mysql_backup.sql.gz

mysql -e ‘create database https_wordpress;’

mysql -e ‘grant all privileges on https_wordpress.* to ‘wpAdmin’@’localhost’ identified by ‘theActualPassword’;’

mysql -u wpAdmin https_wordpress -e ‘source /home/ubuntu/downloads/extract/wordpress_mysql_backup.sql;’


sudo vi wp-config.php #update the database name.

sudo service nginx stop; sudo service php5-fpm stop; sleep 2; sudo service php5-fpm start; sudo service nginx start; grep DB wp-config.php