Brisk Synergies is partnering with top companies in the transportation planning and analysis field.

Together, we are offering better solutions to today’s transportation challenges.

Transurban: Improving Transportation System for Safer Highways

Transurban Group is a Top 20 company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that manages and develops urban toll road networks in Australia and the United States of America. In the US, Transurban operates two highways in the state of Virginia, both in the Washington DC area.

Brisk Synergies has partnered with Transurban to incorporate artificial intelligence, computer vision, video analytics and traffic modeling to help understand and predict traffic flow. The joint technology will create a safer environment for drivers on the Transurban’s highways.

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Eco-Counter: Comprehensive Knowledge of Pedestrian and Cyclist Flow in Cities

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Eco-Counter is the world leader in pedestrian and cyclist automatic counters. With locations in both France and Canada – the company manages projects in over 40 countries worldwide. Eco-Counter has continued to show its leadership in the active transportation monitoring market with constant innovation in equipment.

Brisk Synergies is partnering with Eco-Counter to offer the best solutions for tracking and counting cyclists. Through data fusion and analytics, we are helping cities better understand cyclist travel patterns and needs in urban networks, supplying valuable information to improve cycling infrastructure and policies.

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Miovision: Building Intelligent Transportation Systems for Smart Cities

Today, Miovision is empowering transportation professionals through data and infrastructure to improve the driving experience for everyone. More than 650 customers in 50 countries globally use Miovision and the power of video to gain insight on their transportation networks and projects.

Brisk Synergies and Miovision are jointly developing intelligent transportation systems that deliver real-time visualizations of cities and transportation networks. By combining Miovision’s strength in intersection connectivities and Brisk Synergies’ in-depth knowledge in transportation analytics, the partnership helps cities become smarter and better transportation planners.

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WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities: Understanding Traffic Safety in Developing Countries


WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities works to make urban sustainability a reality. Global research and on-the-ground experience in Brazil, China, India, Mexico, Turkey and the United States combine to spur action that improves life for millions of people. WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities builds on WRI’s global and local experience in urban planning and mobility, and uses proven solutions and action-oriented tools to increase building and energy efficiency, manage water risk, encourage effective governance and make the fast-growing urban environment more resilient to new challenges. Aiming to influence 200 cities with unique research and tools, WRI Sustainable Cities focuses on a deep cross-sector approach in four megacities on two continents, and targeted assistance to 30 more urban areas, bringing economic, environmental and social benefits to people in cities around the globe.

Brisk Synergies is collaborating with WRI’s Health and Road Safety team to perform conflict analysis studies in developing countries such as Colombia and Ghana. The results from these studies are helping local transportation authorities stay informed of road safety in their cities. Together, we are identifying opportunities for technological leapfrogging in road safety analysis in new geographies.

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