Learn about the proactive measures you can take in order to fast track your vision zero goals through information provided by global trends and design interventions. Dive further into the types of analysis we do that can help improve road safety in cities and reduce the amount of collisions that occur. 

A joint project with Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc. (formerly Brisk Synergies) and AECOM, evaluating safety impact of pedestrians at crosswalks. 

Predictive vs. traditional (reactive) road safety approaches are presented by Dr. Luis Miranda during the Transportation Innovation Talks panel at the OECD International Transpiration Forum in Leipzig, Germany.




Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) adopted BriskLUMINA to produce vision-based conflicts and speed data for a unique before-after study in the Latin American context.

Lynn Scholl, Mohamed Elagaty, Bismarck Ledezma-Navarro, Edgar Zamora, Luis Miranda-Moreno -Transoft Solutions (ITS) Inc.

BriskLUMINA produced vision-based trajectory data which provided great details for investigating microscopic behavior and road safety at intersections.

Ting Fu, Weichao Hu, Luis Miranda-Moreno (Transoft Solutions ITS Inc.) & Nicolas Saunier

2018, Virtual Special Issue on "Trajectory Optimization"

BriskLUMINA is used to quantify pedestrian safety improvements in a large curb radii reduction program.

Sohail Zangenehpour, PhD (Transoft Solutions ITS Inc.), Charles Chung, M.Sc. (Transoft Solutions ITS Inc.) & Sheyda Saneinejad, P. Eng., M.Sc. (City of Toronto)

2017, ITS World Congress, Detroit MI, USA