Webinar: Proactive Near Misses Analysis – Fast Track Your Vision Zero Goals

Learn how automated video-based safety analysis can proactively prevent road injuries

Effective near-misses data analysis for Vision Zero Initiative

Learn how intelligent transportation software of near-miss traffic collisions can identify the real issues affecting road safety.  Transportation and Safety professionals will be educated on how Brisk Synergies technology can transform your city’s traffic camera into automated video data that provides deep insights and predictions on traffic flow and near-miss collision patterns, enabling you determine the right engineering interventions to reach your Vision Zero goals faster.
If you have any question, please contact Terezinha (terezinha.hignett@brisksynergies.com).

This webinar is scheduled on January 30th 2018, 2pm EST

Topics Included


Alyssa Fischer

Program Manager / Policy Lead
Alyssa Fischer is a Program Manager and Policy Lead at Brisk Synergies, where she facilitates work in the US and internationally and works to show city decision-makers how Brisk’s solutions can help make the world’s roads safer for all people. Her background is anchored in work that highlights the role green, resilient, accessible cities and transport play in solving the interlinked challenges of climate change, sustainable development, and poverty alleviation.

Harpreet Chahal

Client Engagement Manager
As a Client Engagement Manager at Brisk Synergies, Harpreet helps Departments of Transportation gain a strong understanding of leading edge technologies in road safety measures. He has over 25 years working in high growth software companies with innovative technologies, and is a thought leader in the field of enterprise software.